Tom Apelstein
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Tom Apelstein


Adv. Tom Apelstein is a partner in the firm’s Litigation and Dispute Resolution Department.


Mr. Apelstein has extensive experience of 10 years representing litigants in legal proceedings before all instances of court as well as in arbitration and mediation, including experience solving complex legal issues, leading negotiations and appearing before court.




Specific expertise representing litigants in commercial disputes, including disputes between shareholders, derivative actions and class action claims.


Expertise representing litigants in legal proceedings related to tenders, including administrative appeals challenging or defending tender results.


Unique expertise in complex technology tenders, including tenders for providing information system services and tenders for establishing information systems.


Extensive experience handling all stages of legal proceedings, from accepting the case and formulating legal strategy and lines of argument, conducting preliminary proceedings, motions for temporary relief, affidavits, trial proceedings and closing arguments.


Extensive experience in legal writing.




Bachelor of Laws and Administration, LL.B. from Tel Aviv University.


Master’s Degree in Political Science, M.A. from Tel Aviv University.


Bar Admissions

Israel, 2006