Boaz Feinberg
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Boaz Feinberg


Adv. Boaz Feinberg is a partner and the head of the firm’s Tax and Anti Money Laundering Department.


With extensive experience of more than 16 years in his fields of practice, Mr. Feinberg provides comprehensive services to the firm’s clients on a wide range of subjects relating to taxation and anti-money laundering on both administrative and regulative levels, as well in litigation.


In the field of domestic and international tax law, Mr. Feinberg specializes in advising and acting on behalf of corporations and high net-worth individuals.


In the field of commercial law and litigation, Mr. Feinberg provides advice and tax planning on M&A transactions and other complex international transactions. In this capacity Mr. Feinberg provides sophisticated and elaborate legal opinions and pre-ruling applications on direct and indirect tax branches, international tax and trusts, and leads negotiations vis-à-vis the Israeli Tax Authorities (Assessment Officers, VAT Offices, Real Estate Tax Offices and Senior Officials at the Israeli Tax Authority) and versus the District and States Attorney Offices.


In the field of civil law, Mr. Feinberg accompanies various trusts throughout their establishment and ongoing activities, advises and represents clients before the Israeli Tax Authorities and various judicial instances, including in the Israeli Voluntary Disclosure Program.


Mr. Feinberg also specializes in advising and representing U.S. resident corporations and individuals with respect to various issues that relates to the U.S. Tax Authorities, in cooperation with the tax department of S&W LLP.


In the field of anti-money laundering, Mr. Feinberg specializes in both the criminal aspect, concerning predicate white collar offences that are stipulated in the Israeli Prohibition on Money Laundering Law, 5760-2000, and the regulatory aspect, concerning identification, record retention and reporting obligations imposed on financial institutions, as well as business service providers, and providers of financial services, including FATCA and representation before Sanction Committees. In this area of expertise, Mr. Feinberg handles litigation as well as ongoing legal counsel to Financial Institutions, and is in constant contact with the different regulatory authorities and officials, including the Central Bank, the Currency Service Providers Registrar, and the Money Laundering and Terror Financing Prohibition Authority. In this respect, Mr. Feinberg is a member of the relevant professional committees in the Israeli Bar Association.


Mr. Feinberg regularly writes professional articles that are published in various journals, professional newsletters and periodicals. In addition, Mr. Feinberg often lectures on various issues including the application of the new legal obligations that are levied on providers of financial services. 


Expertise and Experience

Legal tax advice to companies and business partnerships, with an emphasis on startup companies, from “seed” to IPO. Specific expertise in international taxation with respect to planning efficient tax structures and transactions that legally and efficiently exploit the advantages of various tax regimes in each and every country worldwide.


Expertise in both the Israeli and the U.S. Voluntary Disclosure Programs.


Expertise in the establishment and management of trusts and wills.


Extensive experience in negotiating with the Israeli Tax Authorities.


Extensive experience with respect to the various legal, tax and reporting obligations levied on Financial Institutions and especially FATCA.



Bachelor of Laws, LL.B. from Bar Ilan University.


Bar Admissions

Israel, 2002

A member of the Money Laundering Prohibition committees of the Israeli Bar Association.