Shay Ben-Natan
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Shay Ben-Natan


Adv. Shay Ben-Natan is a partner and heads the firm’s Labor and Employment Department. Mr. Ben-Natan also provides notary services to the firm’s clients.


Mr. Ben-Natan has extensive experience representing companies, international corporations, private companies, associations, non-profit organizations and workers’ committees from all sectors of the economy, in commercial litigation touching on issues of employment and labor law, commercial law, property law, intellectual property, tenders and administrative law.


Mr. Ben-Natan has vast litigation experience appearing before regional and national labor courts, including appeals to the supreme court, quasi-judicial proceedings, extra-judicial proceedings, collective disputes, arbitration, mediations and other forms of ADR.


Mr. Ben-Natan represents and provides legal advice to employers' and employees', amongst them major Israeli corporations, on all aspects of labor and employment law, from hiring procedures through maintaining employers and employees’ rights during employment, termination of employment, non-competition undertakings, employer-employee relationship decisions, and negotiating settlement agreements.


Mr. Ben-Natan advises individuals, corporations and non-profit organizations from the early pre-seed stage, handling commercial conflicts including tenders, manpower and finance guidance, company secretariat and commercial claims in the courts and in non-judicial courts (ADRs), drafting personal contracts and collective labor agreements as well as negotiating between the opposing sides during the different stages.


Mr. Ben-Natan is also involved in the firm’s pro-bono activities, including advice to extra-constitutional entities and protecting the rights of underprivileged employees.


Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Ben-Natan was a partner and head of the employment department in one of Israel's leading firms in the area of labor and employment law, and before that he formed and managed the in-house legal department of one of Israel’s biggest holding companies.


Mr. Ben-Natan lectures from time to time before various forums on material issues of labor law and regulation, including training for human resource and finance departments of companies and corporations, as part of the program for implementing procedures in accordance with labor laws.


Expertise and Practical Experience


Expertise in all legal services in the field of personal and collective employment law, including all aspects related to personal and collective labor disputes, from job application, on to maintaining employee and employer rights during employment, all the way to protecting the rights of the parties upon termination of employment, including non-compete and questions relating to the existence of employment relations.


Extensive experience in litigation before the regional and national labor courts, as well as all other instances of court, including petitions to the High Court of Justice and extra-judicial proceedings.


Expertise in regulatory requirements from employers, including preemptive case management to help employers comply with the provisions of labor law and avoid unnecessary legal expenses.


Extensive experience in leading negotiations and representing litigants in collective disputes, arbitration, mediation and other methods of alternative dispute resolution.


Expertise in protecting intellectual property rights, which in many cases is the business’ core assets, while identifying risks and carefully directing corporate actions.


Expertise in establishing effective incentive programs, specifically for hi-tech companies, to motivate employees to deliver high performance and stay on-board. Mr. Ben-Natan has extensive experience customizing incentive programs to the specific characteristics and needs of the company.



Bachelor of Laws, LL.B. from the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya.


Bachelor of Business Administration, B.A. specialized in Marketing from the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya.


Bar-Bri NY Bar Exam Review Course.


Master’s Degree, LL.M. in commercial law from Tel Aviv University and University of California-Berkeley.


Bar Admissions

Israel, 2001