Crypto-Skeptic or Believer: What does 2018 have in store for Cryptocurrencies?

21.03.2018 | PluggedIn BD

Joel Telpner participated in the roundtable discussion, “Crypto-Skeptic or Believer: What does 2018 have in store for Cryptocurrencies?,” an event sponsored by PluggedIn BD as part of Crypto Summit NYC.

Skeptics are starting to doubt bitcoin’s authenticity, while crypto believers think bitcoin will see an increase superseding its earlier rise in value. The roundtable discussed what 2018 actually has in store for cryptocurrencies.

The discussion included:

  • Would the rise in valueless coins deter new investors from investing in cryptocurrencies?
  • Could the invention of valueless coins be the doom that crypto skeptics believe would fall on cryptocurrencies?
  • How can the industry earn and fortify the trust of countries and individuals to invest and accept cryptocurrencies?
  • Is this actually the future or merely a phase that would soon pass away?

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