Other technology disruptors – what’s coming over the horizon

10.03.2020 | BCR RFIx - Receivables Finance International Convention

Geoffrey Wynne will speak on the panel, “Other technology disruptors – what’s coming over the horizon,” at BCR RFIx – Receivables Finance International Convention on March 10, 2020 in London.

The panel will evaluate available and supporting emerging technology on the road to becoming digital in the receivables world, including but not confined to: AI, Internet of Things (IoT), API and business platforms, identity solutions and cyber security, Big Data and analytics.

The session will explore how these technologies will meet or not meet these challenges:

  • Making the whole customer journey easier
  • Dealing with the threats inherent in aiding the customer journey
  • The threat and growing sophistication of cyber crime
  • Getting regulators involved early enough to keep pace with developments and other legal and regulatory challenges for new technology

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