Partner Joel Telpner Named to Faculty of International Blockchain Research Institute

10.10.2017 | Press Release

 Joel Telpner, a partner in ZAG-SW,New York Office,  Corporate & Finance group, has been named to the faculty of the Blockchain Research Institute, an international network organized to study the strategic implications of blockchain. Established in 2017, the Institute aims to broaden global understanding of how blockchain – the tamper-proof digital public record of transactions – will impact business, government and society.

“I’m pleased to be part of this dynamic organization,” Telpner said. “The Blockchain Research Institute is at the vanguard of identifying the innumerable ways blockchain will transform how we work and conduct business.”

Telpner’s role on the faculty will be to educate BRI network members on the regulatory issues that accompany the expanding reach of blockchain technology. His topic, “Blockchain and Regulation: What Regulators Should and Should Not Do,” reviews the developing patchwork of state, federal and international blockchain regulations. A frequent speaker on issues related to blockchain, Telpner recently presented at the World Fintech Forum in Seoul, South Korea.

“Ultimately, the various regulatory regimes will need to be harmonized,” Telpner said. “Until that time, companies need to know how to stay within the existing legal parameters.”

The Blockchain Research Institute is conducting more than 50 research projects that will delve into how blockchain will transform a wide range of industries including financial services, manufacturing, retail, technology, healthcare, media & telecommunications, government, energy & resources and logistics/supply chain and transportation.

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