Representing Taxpayers Before the IRS and DOR

24.05.2017 | Sullivan & Worcester, Boston, MA

In this seminar, Jay Darby, David Nagle, Richard Jones and Dan Ryan examined the total tax return preparation and audit process, with a special concentration of the “hot button” issues that are a special focus of IRS/DOR scrutiny in 2017.

Taxes, as Benjamin Franklin famously noted, are one of the two certainties in life (death being the other), and where there are taxes there are, almost as inevitably, tax audits. This program revealed the high-stakes strategies of representing taxpayers before taxing authorities, and covered the full gamut of problems, from simple audits to criminal tax investigations.

The topics addressed included:

  • The process of tax compliance, from the filing of returns, through the audit and appeals process, and, when a reasonable settlement is not possible, into the world of tax litigation
  • How to resolve and settle tax controversies as early and as cost-effectively as possible, including identifying when an appeal or tax litigation are necessary and appropriate – and, just as important, when to throw in the towel on a “loser” issue
  • A discussion of the common collection strategies, including offers in compromise, installment payment arrangements, and the opportunities to assert the innocent spouse defense
  • What to do in the scary circumstance where an tax audit turns into a potential criminal referral to the Criminal Investigation office of the IRS

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