Revisiting what 'kept people up at night' in 2019 and what it means for the year ahead

13.01.2020 | Fund Directions

Nicole Crum and Rachael Schwartz were quoted in the article, “Revisiting what ‘kept people up at night’ in 2019 and what it means for the year ahead,” which was published by Fund Directions on January 9, 2020 [sub. req].

In the article, Nicole and Rachael provide insight on developing issues and regulations impacting mutual funds in 2020. Rachael expects boards to focus on the best ways advisers approach pricing and packaging assets in an environment where fees are falling. In response to the new liquidity rule, Nicole observes that funds are progressing nicely with the added oversight and previously considered the challenge of getting information from vendors and other third parties a particular area of concern. While cybersecurity remains a key concern, Nicole also believes that board members are increasingly aware of new technologies that help protect shareholders.

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