ZAG- S&W Represents Challengeme Esports GmbH in Multiple Deals

12.03.2017 | ZAG-S&W

Concurrent with the acquisition, CME received an investment from eSports Mogul (ESM), an ASX-listed eSports media company, and entered into a multi-year licensing agreement with ESM for the Asia-Pacific region. The combination of the new acquisition and investment enables CME to expand out of its current European region and deploy access to its gaming platform and high-quality game servers into a worldwide market, including an immediate roll-out into North America, Southeast Asia and Australia. CME is an established eSports business with a scalable, world-class tournament and matchmaking platform. It runs one vs. one and team vs. team matches and can host both online and “live” tournaments. The ChallengeMe.GG platform has hosted more than 2.4 million games and accumulated almost half a million registered users since the platform’s open beta launch in March 2016.

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