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ZAG-S&W is recognized as one of the first international law firms in to be active in China after establishing the China & East Asia Desk more than a decade ago. Given our unrivaled involvement in all the major Chinese business centers, we recognized a clear demand from clients and investors seeking to break ground in the unique Chinese and East Asian markets.

From the beginning, our China & East Asia Desk team has been fully immersed and fluent in both the business and language of the Chinese market. As a result, we help clients to overcome the challenges of operating in China and convert them into opportunities. This makes us the destination of choice for international companies in their activities and complex projects throughout China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou, as well as in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore. Given this immersion in the market, we help to create an extensive network of reliable and long-lasting relationships that help facilitate such complex cross-border deals.

The firm’s activity in China and East Asia is headed by Adv. Tehila Levy-Lati, who is based in China (Shanghai and Chengdu) for many years and possesses in-depth knowledge of western and Chinese law and business culture. Ms. Levy-Lati is fluent in Hebrew, English, and Mandarin.

Our Chinese, U.S., and Israeli lawyers bring such an extensive track record in representing companies and investors in Israel, U.S, China, and East Asia that this wealth of experience translates into an incomparable and true understanding of the needs and challenges facing international companies doing business in China and East Asia, and Chinese and East Asian companies interested in doing business in outside of China.

Regulations and policies in China and East Asia are complex and constantly changing. Our vast experience in accompanying foreign companies in China and East Asia facilitates the procedural and legal proceedings for our clients and promotes their legal and business activities.

Our clients benefit from our insightful legal and business updates in China and East Asia and enjoy close support in all legal and commercial aspects of doing business in China and East Asia including:

  • Establishing activity in China and East Asia (REP Office, JV, WFOE, HK and Singapore Companies)
  • Advise and representation in the negotiation and setting up a JV in China
  • Advise and representation in the negotiation and investment agreement with Chinese investors
  • M&A transactions
  • Licensing agreements and transfer of technology
  • Agency and distribution agreements
  • Intellectual Property
  • Taxation and tax efficient structure
  • Labor and employment law
  • Managing litigation and arbitration procedures in China and east Asia
  • Real estate and infrastructure
  • IPOs in China and Hong Kong
  • Locating potential investors and business partners
  • Company dissolution and liquidation in China and East Asia

In addition to advising Israeli and international companies, our lawyers represent Chinese and East Asian clients in relevant issues, including due diligence, M&A, structuring transactions, third party or regulatory clearance, tax planning, labor law, intellectual property, real estate, and much more.

  • Representing Hamlet (Israel – Canada), a large Israeli company that develops and manufactures mechanical accessories for industrial control and monitoring systems, in the acquisition of a large Chinese company that manufactures valves and connectors for large Chinese companies in the industrial sector. The legal service included due diligence (DD) and legal advice on transaction documents, purchase agreement and subsequent registration procedures. In addition, advising the company with respect to land evacuation and compensation agreements and an investment agreement for the construction of a new plant. The transaction is estimated at NIS 70 million.
  • Representing Telit Communications PLC, a multinational IOT corporation, in the acquisition of a Chinese IOT company. The legal service included due diligence and legal advice on the transaction documents, purchase agreement and the subsequent registration procedures. In addition, our firm provides ongoing legal services for the company.
  • Representing MIS Implants Technologies, a multinational dental corporation, in the establishment of a company in China and Hong Kong. The legal representation included obtaining type 2 and type 3 licenses for the sale of medical products in China and ongoing representation of the Company.
  • Representing Azrom, an Israeli agricultural company, in a series of agreements, including agreements with the local governments in Yunnan and Guangzhou for the construction of large greenhouses projects in China.
  • Representing Kamedis, a medical cosmetics company, in the establishment of a joint venture in China, as well as ongoing legal support in all commercial matters, including commercial agreements, employment contracts, taxation, and much more.
  • Representing an online gaming company in agreements with a local distributor.
  • Representing a U.S. fertility clinic in an agreement to acquire 20% of the shares of a Chinese company, which provides medical services in the field of fertility, and a distribution agreement in China, including negotiations with the Chinese company and its shareholders.
  • Representing a company in a financial fraud lawsuit in China. In the lawsuit, the court rendered a judgment in favor of the company and approved our request to enforce the verdict in the local court, following which the company received the money it demanded.
  • Representing an Israeli vehicle parts company drafting a JV agreement in China for the establishment of a joint venture engaging in the distribution of automotive spare parts.
  • Representation and accompaniment of a Chinese digital currency company in the establishment of R&D center in Israel, as well as providing advice on investments in Israeli companies.
  • Representing a European bank in the examination of contracts in China.
  • Representing SITI, a Shanghai based incubator and investment fund, in the establishment of a company in Israel, including providing ongoing consultation on activities and investments in Israel. In addition, our firm serves as the legal advisor of the Innovation Center at the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park in Pudong, Shanghai.
  • Providing legal advice to Eran Zahavi, an elite Israeli soccer player, before signing an agreement with one of the leading soccer teams in China.

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