Privacy & Data Security

In the information age, successful companies must be well-versed in the handling and protection of both internal and external data – an increasingly hot topic for many businesses. We work closely with clients to minimize the risks and liabilities associated with the regular exchange of information between businesses and consumers, vendors and employees.

Our Privacy & Data Security Group, comprising experienced attorneys from our Corporate, Intellectual Property, Tax and Labor & Employment Law Groups, assists businesses of all sizes and types with understanding the relevant privacy and data security issues and developing compliant e-mail, website, blog, e-commerce, cloud computing and telemarketing policies.

We help clients to appropriately utilize social media and other web and telecommunications-based marketing channels, manage customer and investor relationships in the online world and address privacy and data security obligations and liabilities in contracts with third-party vendors.

Should any data breaches occur, we have experience in tackling privacy complaints and litigation, responding to government subpoenas and wiretap requests, and defending regulatory enforcement actions by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and state Attorneys General.