Real Estate

With the enormous opportunity in today’s real estate market, an international outlook is critical. Whether interested in buying, selling, developing or investing, clients demand a partner with a true commitment to the sector, an understanding of all parties’ needs and experience with projects of all sizes.

With offices in the U.S, China, Israel and London, ZAG/Sullivan leverages our international experience, collaborating with clients to offer a global overview, supported by a deep knowledge of local markets.

We provide an integrated array of services, pulling together the multiple resources at our disposal in order to advise on the acquisition and disposition of properties, developments, financing, planning and construction across many sectors.

In addition, our firm has extensive experience in the area of urban renewal (“evacuation and re-establishment,” national outline plan – TAMA  38/1/2), combination transactions, accompaniment of real estate projects consisting of hundreds of housing units, purchase groups, second-hand transactions, and purchase of apartments from contractors, etc.

The firm represents contractors/developers, entrepreneurs and real estate owners, enabling a broad view in the framework of legal and commercial negotiations.

Working together with many experts in tax, environment, real estate funds, REITs and litigation, to name but a few, we are committed to applying our knowledge to ensure the smooth delivery of clients’ transactions and projects, within their timeframes and budgets.

  • The acquisition of a portfolio of 9 senior living rental communities in six states for approximately $478 million, including approximately $164 million of assumed mortgage debt, in a RIDEA-compliant structure
  • Completed the transfer of over 65 leasehold interests covering over two million square feet of office space throughout the United States in conjunction with the spin-off of a new company from a national financial services company
  • Represented the holders of leasehold and mortgage interests in approximately 57 real properties located in 13 states in settlements whereby the properties were recovered and the debt resolved within a short time of Chapter 11 filings
  • Represented lending group providing acquisition and renovation financing for a Class B+ office building in Washington, D.C. ($200 million)
  • On-going representation of the largest independent restaurant owner in New England, one of the country’s largest supermarket operators and the country’s leading retail pet care supplier
  • Served as counsel to REITs and real estate operators in raising over $4 billion through the sale of debt and equity securities in the past four years
  • Nationwide leasing of more than six million square feet of Class A office space for a Big 4 accounting firm
  • The development of Boston’s World Trade Center, consisting of a 420-room hotel and 1 million square feet of office space
  • Defended environmental and Superfund claims against manufacturers, including one action terminated with no fine or penalty against a well-known manufacturer of specialty consumer products, arising out of more than 100 years of manufacturing activities on the Boston waterfront
  • The acquisition of nearly 4,000 sites for a tower company in a series of portfolio sales, including one which totaled over 1,900 sites in 47 states
  • Representation of Gas-Ad in a combination deal with respect to a building for preservation in Tel Aviv, legal negotiations regarding the combination agreement with the owner’s counsel, and accompanying the project until delivery of the apartments to the buyers.
  • Representation of Herzl Hachamov & Sons Development and Construction Ltd. – TAMA Transactions 38/2 (Outline of Demolition and Rebuilding). Two buildings will be demolished and one modern building will be built. Our firm accompanies the entrepreneur throughout the process and until the delivery of the apartments to the buyers.
  • Representation of Rafael AG Ltd. and Sufrin Pandom Development Ltd. (TAMA 38/2 deals )Work on a construction evacuation agreement signed by the owners of the rights in the complex, accompaniment of the developer in the project of evacuation and construction.
  • Accompanying Amnon Gur Insurance Agency (2000) Ltd. and NCR Global Ltd. in the acquisition of office space for the Company’s headquarters.
  • Accompanying Jerusalem Residence Ltd. in purchasing real estate that serves as a nursing home for the elderly in the Baka neighborhood of Jerusalem.
  • Support of the Betar Association and the David Raziel Youth Village Ltd. David Raziel Youth Village Ltd.

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