Sports in Israel

Recognized as one of the country’s most prominent and talented Sports departments, ZAG-S&W advises top athletes, clubs, associations, sports centers, agents and various commercial entities involved in the world of sports.

From the moment they step onto the field, athletes are supported every step of the way by our Sports department, which strives to protect their rights and reputation, handling a range of issues, such as contracts, tax planning, labor law, torts, insurance, and many more.

We also represent sports clubs throughout their own journey from establishing the corporation through to their day-day-operations, supporting them on their transactions and ensuring they comply with all the relevant laws and bylaws.

Should disputes arise, we specialize in representing and conducting legal proceedings before the internal judicial institutions of the Israeli and international sporting associations, unions and federations. For example, we advise Hapoel Sports Association, the largest sports organization in Israel which acts as an umbrella organization for approximately half of the sporting associations in the country.

Led by Joseph Gayer, one of the most experienced sports lawyers in Israel, Mr. Gayer brings to the table more than three decades of practical experience in representing Israel’s top athletes and many entities involved in sports in Israel and worldwide. Under his close and professional guidance, the wider team is highly skilled in dealing with the unique challenges that are relevant to sports.

  • Representation of  sports centers and associations: Hapoel Center, the Basketball Association, many Soccer clubs, ongoing legal consultation, preparing agreements, drafting opinions, representing the Center and groups acting in legal proceedings in the courts nd internal courts of the various sports associations. Both in Israel and abroad, CAS and FIFA and also abroad in FIBA ​​& BAT basketball.
  • Representation of many sports and basketball players and coaches in all aspects of legal proceedings, including proceedings before the National Insurance Institute and hospitals, and all related to injuries.
  • Representation of agents against all legal procedures required in all relevant areas including the advertising field.

Key Contacts